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Department of Computer Engineering

CSE Laboratory Details

  • Computer Engineering" is one of the most eminent branches of engineering. It is the power for Green India, bringing out greenery worldwide. There are efficient staffs in our department with specialization in various areas. Our lab is well equipped and modernized with the latest technology.
  • Number of Systems - 150 and it has Research in computer systems (including architecture, networking, operating systems, and distributed systems) involves a wide and constantly updated variety of hardware, software, and networks and also the Wi-Fi and UPS facility.
  • The faculty and students have interest in wide range of latest technologies that include Computer's Database Systems, Computer Networks & Distributed Computing, operating system, Multimedia, OOPS, Advanced DBMS (OODBMS, Distributed DBMS etc.), Software Engineering, Linux, Computer Architecture, and Embedded Systems etc. To support the learning and practices in above technological area.
  • Department of CSE have well equipped computer justify, project lab and oracle sponsored lab that have various Software Packages relevant to the Development of Minor and Major Projects undertaken during the Coursework. All the state of Art Facilities, Resources and Guidelines are provided to the students as per their requirement.