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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Why Mechanical

Mechanical engineers design things that move to improve our world.

  • Because design is inherently collaborative and creative so is our approach to teaching.
  • Because there are so many things that move Mechanical Engineering is the broadest of all engineering disciplines, which increases your chance of finding and developing your passion.
  • Because technology is the greatest driver of change, mechanical engineers improve our world by making it better, safer and healthier.
  • Nationwide, Mechanical Engineering is the third highest paying major for students graduating with Bachelor Degrees.
  • In addition to engineering, Mechanical Engineering is excellent preparation for careers in law, medicine, business and other professions.


The department is highly connected with industry through which students are exposed to industry practices. Guest lectures by eminent industrialists, visits to industrial houses and industrial tours enhance the quality of the students. Students are engaged in industry assignments, internships and projects. Students have undergone In-plant training in various factories like Hyundai, Ashok Leyland, Ford Motors, etc.


Manufacturing Engineering | Aerodynamics | Aerospace Propulsion | Aerospace Structure | Thermal Energy and Environmental Engineering | Refrigeration and Air Conditioning .


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