Mandatory Enclosure

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Thermal & Automobile Lab

THERMAL PRACTICAL study about flash and fire point and viscosity and valve timing and port timing diagram, performance of engine like break power, indicated power, friction power, heat balance sheet, Morse test.

AUTO MOBILE PRACTICAL dismantle and assemble purpose of varies tools like fuel injection pump, fuel injector, power transmission, differential unit, steering gear box, charging of batteries, motor, alternator, dynamo.

Available Equipment


open and close cup apparatus, red wood viscometer, say bolt viscometer, 4 stroke petrol and diesel engine, 2 stroke petrol and diesel engine, load arrangement (petrol engine), heat balancing test arrangement, multi cylinder petrol engine(Morse test)


4 stroke petrol engine, 4 stroke Diesel engine, SOLEX carburetor, MPFI, Inline Fuel Injection Pump, CRDI, Injectors, Clutch set arrangement with tools, Complete gear box with tools, Complete steering arrangement, Differential unit with axles, Battery, Starter Motor, Alternator, Dynamo


Internal circlip plier, bearing puller, Feeler gauge to check valve clearance, hammer, thermometer, indicator, etc


Leather apron , leather spat , Gloves, Goggles etc.,